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Song for January 28

Just a ditty I came up with to show happiness for the day.

The adventure of Lara, Simon, and Kevin continues as they investigate the abandoned Elizabeth mine.  What is it they find?  Who or what could it be?

Wooly Bully

This poem is a departure from the original short stories that are posted.  Expect more and more poems and short musical clips in addition to short stories.  I hope you enjoy this poem by my friend Laura Shovan.  It is from her poetry chapbook titled "Mountain, Log, Salt, and Stone."

Another strange adventure awaits kids in the small town area of Nelson Gap.  An abandoned mine, a long lost secret, and thrilling chases lie ahead for our heroes Kevin, Lara, and Simon.  This story will be released in four parts.  Enjoy!

Here is a short piece I composed for short scene in a podcast I hope to air in a few weeks.

The Forest Girl

There is always more to someone than meets the eye.  But what you don't know can sometimes be very dangerous.

A Halloween Story

Here is a ghost story that will keep you on the edge of your coffin.  Parents make the rules when you're young.  But do you have to break the rules, sometimes?

Fantasy Stories

Welcome to Fantasy Stories by Til Turner.  Every four to six weeks there will be a new story to transport you and your family to other worlds and other times.  You may fly on the wings of a giant stork or search the frightening depths of a long forgotten temple.  You are sure to be changed after listening.  Enjoy the stories!


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